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AUDOLICI A-40 Tube Integrated amplifiers are an excellent demonstration of consonance between audio reproduction epochs. They use advanced technology based on the best tradition of Tube construction practice’s from the 70’s.


It reproduces the signal of different sources, such as CD player, Tape, Tuner, DAC with excellent quality and perfect  resolution. The music displayed by AUDOLICI A-40 reveals dynamics and natural tone, both at the instrument and at the vocal level.

All equipments are available with impedances of 4-6 Ω or 6-8 Ω. Before using this equipment always verify this parameter in the back of the equipment or in the box.

As with any other of our equipment the sound quality will surely surprise you!


 Pure Class A

 Remote Control  functions 
 Four Inputs ( CD /TUNER /AUX 1/ AUX 2 )


Power output:

 2 x 45 W

 Input sesitivity:     1.4 V ( RMS )
 Input Impedance:  75  kOhm


Loudspeaker impedance: 4-6 Ω or 6-8 Ω

Signal to Noise Ratio: - 89 dB

Total harmonic distortion: 

@ 1W, 1000Hz   0,4%

@ 10W, 1000Hz 0,8%

@ 45W, 1000Hz 2,5%


Frequency response: 
32 Hz – 20 KHz / ±1,5dB @ 40W

Channel separation: 50 dB @ 35 Hz , 1 kHz

Power Consumption: 300 VA

Weight: 18.5 kG

El. Tubes:  KT 88 (4),  E 83 CC / 12AX7 / (2)




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