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AUDOLICI I 50 "SWING" is a High End performance Tube Power Amplifier. It was developed to satisfy the need for an excellent, yet affordable, power amplifier that outputs 45 W per channel. 

AUDOLICI  I 50 uses well sounded, Russian military standard electron tubes, preserving quality, tradition and innovative engineering design. 

AUDOLICI  I 50 delivers a dynamic and transparent performance, with uncompromised build quality, incorporating electron tubes for input stage specially selected for low noise specification. 



Two channels 
Two inputs ( CD/DAC )


Power output:
2 x 46W 

Input sensitivity :       500 mV (RMS)

Input Impedance :      50 kOhm

Channel separation : 30 Hz, 1kHz 48dB

Loudspeaker impedance : 4-6 Ω or 6-8 Ω
SSignal ass Noise 

Total harmonic distortion: 
0,4% @ 1W, 1000HZ 
0,8% @ 10W, 1000HZ
2,5% @ 40W, 1000HZ 


Frequency response: 
22HZ-25 KHz /1,5dB@ 40W

Power Consumption :   300 VA


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