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The company is located in Porto. We have listening facilities that welcome you at any time.

AUDOLICI is an audio engineering company focused on building high performance electronicaudio equipment, such as pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers and professional audio appliances. 


Our mission is to provide our customers with great, excellent sound quality reproduction, with uncompromised construction quality. Our philosophy is to keep the design as simples as possible, as often are the most brilliant innovations, yet based on deep knowledge and on our extensive experience. 


AUDOLICI embraces the audio marketplace with a range of products that involve electron vacuum tubes and modern solid state electronic components. Our research and development efforts allow us to achieve better results from combining legendary past audio topologies with modern technologies.

The Technology

Our amplification products use selected vacuum tubes, which permit us building electronic equipment with the highest confidence, simplicity and uncompromised sound quality. Every product of ours uses special electronic components, some of which are designed by us - transformers and mechanical construction-and goes through a rigorous process of expert assembly, adjustment procedures and parameter quality control. We use high standard components, like carbon film resistors among others, from world class brands, such as Nippon Chemi Con, Nichicon, Belton Engineering, Bulgin, Alps...

We use our technology to create exciting new products with aesthetical concerns and superb audio quality.

The Company


The company was founded in 2007 by Valeriy Kuchokvskyy, José Magano and INESC Porto. Valeriy Kuchkovskyy is an audio engineer with an extensive experience in designing tube based audio amplification systems in Soviet Union and Ukraine. His previous work learnt from former soviet electronic engineering tradition, which allowed him to create a new, exclusive, audio engineering ideology, for unique design and production.












Valeriy became an entrepreneur, together with José Magano and INESC Porto, a world class R&D institution, to count on managerial skills and complementary development capacity. The company has evolved to a stock company, shareholders including now João Ranito and InovCapital, one of the main venture capital companies in Portugal. 

José Magano and Valeriyy Kuchkovskyy


AUDOLICI is proud to have become dealers of BC Acoustique  (France) and     Schweigerdt (Germany), a reputable companies specializing in high quality loudspeaker engineering and construction in the past.

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