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AUDOLICI AP-05 MC/MM Phono Pre-amplifier developed for Hi-grade Audio Systems. This equipment uses advanced electronic technology based on the best tradition on Valve construction practices from the 70´s. It reproduces signals from modern MC or MM cartridges with excellent acuracy and resolution. The  Music displayed by AP-05 reveals a dynamic and natural Tone , both at the instrumental and vocal level.

 Specially selected El. tubes has fluid and crisp sound character, which help exact determines a music style intonation . As with any other of our equipment the sound quality will surely surprise you!


 MC step Up Transformer s

 Tube Drive Technology

 External Power Supply 

MC  Phono IN : 
Input sensitivity : 0.25 mV

Gain : 70 dB ( 20 dB + 50 dB )
Frequency response: 
28 HZ- 20 KHz /+1,5dB @  
Cartridge Input  impedance: 300 Ω 

MM  Phono IN :

Input sensitivity : 2.5 mV

Input Impedance:  47 kOhm
Overload Margin : 30 dB 
Signal / Noise ratio (unweighted): - 85dB
Channel separation (crosstalk): 
20 Hz, 1kHz - 43 dB 

Nominal Output Voltage : 1.0 V ( RMS )
THD (1kHz, 1.0 V ) : 0,8% 
Power consumption (max): 18 VA 
Mains voltge (50-60HZ): 230 V/ 115 V 
Dimensions (W x Hx D): 143 x 86 x 259 mm 
Weight: 2,0 kG +  2.5 kG 
El. Tube:  6H2P EV  / 6CC41


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