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AUDOLICI AVP-01 is a vacuum tube / solid Pre-amplitier, designed for optimal sound reproduction from vinyl records. AVP 01 performs remarkably with High End home systems, recording studios and phono amplification. 

Audolici AVP-01 uses an URSS standard valve, the well-regarded 6H2P-EV (ECC85 ) selected with individual strict criteria. Each tube has special fluid and crisp sound character, preserving quality, tradition and innovative engineering design. 

This equipment can deliver an outstanding sound stage, transmitting the micro dynamics of musical instruments, natural timbre of acoustic vocals and accurate details analog recorded. At the rear, the gold plated RCA sockets are simply and clearly laid out one Line Input, pair of Phono Inputs, pair of Line Outputs  RCA sockets and Phones jack. 


Inputs ( Phono MC / MM ,  Line ) 


MC Phono Input 
Sensitivity:                   0,25mV,  (RMS)
Gain (1 kH2):      72 dB (20 dB + 52 dB) 
T.H.D. (0,775V Output): 0,1% 
Overload margin:         30 dB 
Cartridge Impedance, switched:  100, 200,   470, 1000  Ω


MM Phono Input 
Sensitivity:                    2,5mV,  (RMS)
Gain  (1kHz):                  52 dB 
T.H.D.  (0,775V output): 0,1% 
Overload Margin:          30 dB 
Input Impedance:         47 k0hm 
Noise & Hum:             - 85 dB 
Equalization Curve:       RIAA 78

Line Input

Sensitivity :                    778 mV, (RMS)

Input Impedance :         150 kOhm

Gain :                              10 dB

Overload margin :         20 dB

Frequency Response :  20 Hz -- 20 kHz




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